Alt Serveis is a service company created in 2015 as a fusion of a team created by people that characterizes them "humanity", "transparency", and the "confidence" they have offered throughout their career. From the south west of France, Barcelona-Costa Brava and Andorra, have been the countries where they have developed their work and their services.

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the greatest help and satisfaction in their needs or projects of the day-to-day or future, to provide them a service to make their lives easier. We are reliable persons people and we are at your disposal to help you with anything you need.


Nearly 20 years of experience in the sector, with the guarantee of quality and professionalism.We can help our clients in the purchase of the property, to meet their needs, both at the level of real estate investment, a vacation property or a first residence.

Our goal is help you to find what are you really looking for by facilitating all the necessary process.



We offer a "Project Manager" service to ensure that real estate projects, renovations or housing construction are carried out in accordance with the client's needs, ensuring appropriate follow-up, on time and on budget. We are proud to offer personalized attention to our clients.



Legal advice for "Non-residents" in Andorra and Spain is very important. This service provides all the information, for the processing of documentation required for any administrative and legal procedure. We have a team of manager-advisors, legal and business to give all the necessary information for the creation of companies, passive residences, residence permits


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