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Panoramic view of Andorra. Alt Serveis, real estate services in Andorra and the Costa Brava.



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Principality of Andorra

Andorra is strategically located between Spain and France, less than two hours from the international airport of Barcelona and approximately two and half hours from Toulouse-France.

It has an international population (50%), with more than 100 nationalities. Its official language is Catalan, and the most used languages ​​are Spanish, French and Portuguese. It is a prosperous country with a high quality of life. Political stability and absence of violence, delinquency and crime.

Andorra derived substantial revenue from tourism and commerce, it is a competent juridisction in Europe. People living in the Principality of Andorra benefit from an exceptional quality of life, stability and citizen security, a protected environment and an incomparable natural environment, health, education ... That's what makes this small country outstanding. Your expectations will come true.

Andorra has opted for homologation with Europe, and has become one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe for the development of investment projects and business initiatives at an international level.

The new Andorran economic model based on the liberalization of foreign investments, provides the international investor many business opportunities as individual, both in new businesses and acquisition of real estate.



Costa Brava, Girona, is located one hour and a half from the Barcelona airport, one hour from the Girona airport, three hours from the Principality of Andorra. It is the closest luxury coast.

An international tourism, a stable market without speculation, enjoy a quiet and welcoming family atmosphere, it is the best option for holidays by the sea.

The climate is moderate, mild summers and warm winters, crystal clear waters to practice water sports, sail on its beautiful coves, visit medieval villages in the interior or fishing on the coast, play golf or go mountain biking, offers in any time of year a continuous enjoyment of nature, gastronomy, ... an ideal place to have a second home and enjoy it throughout the year.

Corporate taxes         


                                                                                     Andorra         France      Spain

Corporate tax.                                                                      10%           33,33%          30%

Taxes on surplus value.                                                      0-15%           33,33%          30%

Indirect tax IGI-IVA-TVA                                                     4,50%             20%              21%

Tax transmissions patrimonials ITP                                         4%              7%               10%

Personal income tax (IRPF)                                                5-10%          14-45%       19% a 45%

Inheritance or donation tax                                                Exempt      Variable       Variable

Property tax (IBI- Tax Foncier)                                            Exempt      Variable       Variable

Today the real-estate investment in Andorra realized with Alt Serveis, is the guarantee of the best available profitability in Europe.

Invest in Andorra is the investment in a stable country willing to receive new investors.

Invest in Andorra is an investment in a country with a quality of high life; the level of revenue per capita is in a privileged position, a privileged position ahead of the neighboring countries like France and Spain, and also other countries of EU and OECD.

Invest in Andorra means investing in a country with a stable, clear and transparent fiscal policy, without taxes and amendments that change every year, with a political will to favor the foreign investments.


Invest in Andorra means investing in a country where there are good tenants.

There is a high number of families living rent throughout the year, and thanks to being a tourist country, we have high demand of vacation rents in winter and also in summer.


Invest in Andorra means investing in a country where the purchase taxes are one third cheaper that in Spain, where the property tax does not exist. The Income tax or Capital Gains Tax is 10 % at the maximum.

Invest in Andorra means having the safety of 30/40% profitability in comparison with the neighboring countries.


So that your savings are efficient and fit in a legal frame, clear and transparent fiscal, without risks, or unreal promises with utopian profitability, without new taxes or annual rates, for all these good reasons, think about it and contact us, we will do everything possible to help them in the accomplishment of new projects or investments.

Rental income 20,000€ / year        


                                                                                      Andorra          France       Spain

CSG RDS                                                                                     0%  17,2% -2924€     0,00%

IBI                                                                                                0€       -1500€          -1500€

Tax deduction management                                                   1500€        1500€           1500€

IRPF                                                                              10% - 1850€   30% - 4222€   30% -5100€

Annual net benefits.                                                            18.500€       9.854€          11.900€

Net annual liability for an investment of 400M€                     4,60%        2,46%            2,98%

Real Estate Investment      


                                                                                      Andorra        France        Spain

Investment                                                                        500.000€         500.000€      500.000€

Purchase taxes                                                            4,5%/22.500€    7%/35.000€  12%/60.000€

Annual taxes IBI                                                                    0€               5.000€           2.500€

Taxes and 1st Year tax                                                      22.500€          40.000€         62.500€

Supplementary costs.                                                            0€              17.500€.        40.000€

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